What sets the Georgian Racha apart from other beverages?

The origin of natural red wine can be traced back to 6000 BC of the ancient Georgia where the art of traditional winemaking originated. Known as the “cradle of wine”, archeologists discovered that the early Georgians produced the finest varieties of natural red wine and white wine by incorporating the qvevri/kvevri, an earthen pot utilized to store and age wine. 

With rich history in winemaking, the Georgians take pride in the millennia old craft which plays a prominent role in their economy and national identity. Wine continues to be an important aspect of Georgia which is emphasized in various arts and sculpture with grape designs and evidence of wine drinking found in their ancient ruins and other historic relics. 

Although Georgia constitutes only 3% of the world’s total wine producers due to the tumultuous geopolitical debacle in the last couple of decades, the history and legacy is owed to Georgia.

With this movement started in the ancient Georgia, the natural homemade red wine, Georgian Racha, continues to kindle the spark that celebrates every occasion with a touch of bourgeois. Maintaining the natural flavour, the Georgian Racha brings home the same authenticity as the original Georgian natural red wine which adds to your gourmet experience. Made with the highest quality grapes that are manually handpicked then crushed into juice without any additives or artificial flavour.

Compared to other processed beverages with preservatives and artificial flavour, the Georgian Racha stands true to its authenticity because of the natural flavour and zero added preservatives making it the perfect beverage for every occasion and added health benefits. 

The Georgian Racha makes a big difference to every occasion as compared to others because of its purity. In the recent times, the quest for natural products and authenticity has seen a significant rise in demand among many consumers. The natural homemade red wine is one of the sought after products and the demand for homemade red wine has seen a significant rise among various sects of the society especially the wine enthusiasts. 

During the Christmas season, the natural homemade red wine is shared among many as a sign of joy. And presenting the homemade wine is viewed as a gesture of goodwill among various hosts in many countries. Georgian Racha makes a perfect beverage which can be gifted and served on such joyous occasions. 

You can order your batch of homemade red wine online too. This natural homemade red wine can make its way to your home. It’s just that simple! Place your order for the authentic homemade wine online on our website today and celebrate every occasion in style.

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